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In Aftermath, Blake had no problems contacting Zen. None at all. So why all of a sudden, is it so hard to find Blake? Too many rumours? Give me a break. You can only believe that if you actually delude yourself that Avon loved Blake and couldn't do without him.

Even if by some strange reason, Blake could no longer contact them, Blake could very easily use innocuous information to identify himself to Avon and the others, only information the crew would know. Servalan and the Federation wouldn't have a clue because they would have no way of separating it out from any rumours that were already being circulated by people who didn't know Blake.

Avon was sick of looking for Blake by Volcano. This is right after Aftermath. It couldn't be more than a few days after, at most a week because Avon is still testing their two new crew members and Tarrant still doesn't trust any of them, not even Dayna. This means it is still very early on. This means that Avon, who never gives up when he actually cares about someone, is already irritated about following rumours about Blake, while the others are still gung ho.

Avon afraid Blake was dead so he couldn't bear to look for Blake? Does that sound like Avon? He's so emotionally weak that he couldn't bear to do something? This is the man who had himself tortured for 5 days just to get information to avenge a dead woman. This is the man who in the end never gives up on his crew when they were in danger even though it means putting himself in deadly danger. This man wouldn't want to subject himself to looking more than a few days for a man who is missing? Yeah, right. Avon risked losing the Liberator and his own safety net, just on the off chance that it might save Cally and Vila. Yeah sorry, Avon didn't look for Blake because he hated him and was glad to be rid of him.

The idea that Blake had no problems contacting the ship for 2 episodes then all of a sudden they have to blindly follow rumours? Doesn't that sound fishy? There is never once any mention that they went to the place where Zen reported Blake was. There is never once any mention of worry because Blake wasn't where he was supposed to be. There is never once any mention that Blake contacted the ship several times before...there must be something wrong? Avon never once shows any concern and we know Avon does show concern, in his own way, when he actually cares. And he doesn't.

Do you know what I think? I think Avon didn't tell the crew that Blake contacted them because he never wanted Blake back. Instead he had them following pointless rumours hoping they'd tire of it, but he got more and more irritated because they wouldn't let it go. This is very consistent with Avon's attitude in the final episode. Avon knew where Blake was but didn't bother telling the crew, and as he stated very clearly, he would have left Blake where he was and not bother telling the crew if his plan had worked. I love it, Blake is Avon's second choice. He'd rather work with the treacherous bully, Zukan than Blake. Tells you a lot about what Avon really thought of Blake and how little he wanted to do with him.

And Terminal? It proves Avon doesn't really care about Blake. But Avon went to rescue him didn't he? Doesn't that mean he cared. Hardly. Avon rescued lots of people. Anyone who needed his help, asked for his help or were hurt. That is Avon. That is his nature. That is why Avon ended up saving civilizations, something Blake couldn't even compare with.

And look at how Servalan had to lure Avon in order to help Blake. That shows without a shadow of a doubt that she knew Avon didn't really care about Blake. People assume that because Servalan said she knew Avon wouldn't let Blake die, that meant he really cared about him to do that. What she omitted to add was that Avon couldn't let anyone die. Not friends, not enemies, not even total strangers. Not if he could do something about it. Avon rushes to save people. It's Avon's instinct to help others, despite what he says.

Servalan had to go to great lengths in order to get Avon to come to Blake at all. She had to exhaust him to the point he couldn't think clearly. She had to set up an elaborate game. She had to make Avon think Blake was in serious trouble and was Servalan's prisoner.

It was the only way she could get Avon to even consider going to rescue him. Why did she go to such great lengths? Because anything less and Avon WOULD NOT HAVE BOTHERED. Avon just wasn't that interested unless Blake was in serious trouble. If it had been Cally or Vila...Avon didn't need such elaborate ruses. Just the hint they might be somewhere and Avon pulls out all the stops and risks himself and the Liberator. If it had been a hint of Anna, Avon would have gone to her even if he had to check out a million rumours.

Not Blake though. Servalan has to go through hoops just to get Avon to come at all for him. Avon cared about Blake and was drawn to him? Give me a break. If he truly did, Servalan only needed Blake's voice asking him to come. But we know for a fact that she knew she had to go to extraordinary lengths to get Avon to come to Blake.

Do you know what I think? I think Avon never even went to Terminal for Blake. He went to kill Servalan because he knew Servalan was there. Avon cared far more for his crew's safety than Blake's. He didn't think it was that much of a risk going through the particle cloud, that's why he went through it. Even Dayna and Cally didn't think it was much danger, on no pressure at all from Avon. I think if there had been any proof of danger, Avon would not have gone. He would have let Blake die. We know Avon didn't care that much about Blake's life because the elaborate precautions he took to ensure the safety of the crew at the expense of his own life and Blake's. Avon wanted the crew safe so he ordered them to leave at any hint of danger to themselves. He even programmed the ship to leave. He couldn't care less if Blake died or needed the crew's help. That tells me that Avon didn't go down there because he cared about Blake and couldn't let him die. It's a fact that Avon could very well let him die. The only ones he couldn't let die were the crew.


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