Oct. 2nd, 2010

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Verifiable facts about Avon's feelings about Blake from canon:

Avon really hates Blake - Blake recognized this in Star One
Avon hated every minute he had to spend with Blake - he said this with a sneer of contempt in Aftermath
Avon thought his life was infinitely better and more successful without Blake - Avon states this in Terminal
Avon thought Blake was a brainless moron and only stupid people would follow him - he said this so many times I lost count
Avon - thought Blake was a duplicitious, lying, two-faced bully who never cared about any of them unless it served Blake's cause - also expressed many times by Avon
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In Aftermath, Blake had no problems contacting Zen. None at all. So why all of a sudden, is it so hard to find Blake? Too many rumours? Give me a break. You can only believe that if you actually delude yourself that Avon loved Blake and couldn't do without him.

Even if by some strange reason, Blake could no longer contact them, Blake could very easily use innocuous information to identify himself to Avon and the others, only information the crew would know. Servalan and the Federation wouldn't have a clue because they would have no way of separating it out from any rumours that were already being circulated by people who didn't know Blake.

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Avon, despite his protests of selfishishness, constantly helped people, whether they be friends, Anna, strangers or enemies. And generally at no benefit to himself, in fact the opposite. There is lots of evidence of this in the series. That is why Avon is the only one who is credited with saving entire civilizations or entire groups, not Blake.

On the other hand, Blake rarely helped people and when he did, it was usually for self-serving reasons. On the rare occasion, Blake may have helped someone, but usually it was a half-assed attempt because he didn't really care that much or because he had nothing better to do at the time. Blake never gave up a mission or delayed it just to help someone.

At the end of the day, when Blake genuinely cares about something, he lets no one and nothing stop him, he listens to no one, he lies, manipulates, threatens and bullies until he gets exactly what he wants and never ever gives up. So when any weak excuse stops him from carrying out something, it's because Blake barely cared, he was just going through the motions because it was expected of him.

There are 4 reasons why Blake helps people or appears to:
1) He has a use for them
2) They're people like him (vicious or violent fighters) so it serves his goals
3) He has more to gain from not killing them
4) He has a personal agenda that benefits himself

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