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It is 11am and I am at the Taiwan International Airport. My flight leaves at 1pm. [Poll #1106366][Poll #1106366
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Reposting this because the other poll didn't work...

Well, the typhoon has passed and nothing much happened. Just lots of rain and wind. It was a category 4 but it made a turn northward so the centre missed us. Stayed indoors and spent a very productive day doing story stuff, resting and exploring various features of LJ.

Managed to finish story 6 in the current series. Starting on story 7. This might be the last one in the series, or not, it depends on whether I can finish the remainder of the action in one story. I had planned to end this series but with free time on my hands today, I found myself developing ideas for a new series which follows on this one; but is slightly different.

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