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It's a bit late in your day already but I wish you a...


Here is a birthday fic for you, [livejournal.com profile] vilakins. This was supposed to be the last chapter of the Mysteries and Discoveries story but I had decided to postpone it because I wanted to put it in a later story. I thought it might make a nice gift for you now.

A Gift for Vila )
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I got out of the habit of doing snail mail Christmas cards many years ago but I would like to send best wishes to all of my Flist friends, from Gremlin, myself and the new additions to the family, Avon and Cally bears.

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This is the second half of my present. You suggested a continuation of The Name is Avon story.

Avon and...Well, lets just say he wished it was the other story. )
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This gift was hard to catch but with a little work...just managed it.

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I am posting this now because I will be away during your birthday.
Have a great day on your birthday and best wishes!

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Happy Birthday k_haldane! 

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Make your own clipart like this @ www.TXT2PIC.com 

Here is the birthday fic with Avon and the Kitten I promised. As with the other ones, this one is set in an AU version of the current story series. 

EDIT: Added an additional birthday snippet of angst in a comment.   
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