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Verifiable facts about Avon's feelings about Blake from canon:

Avon really hates Blake - Blake recognized this in Star One
Avon hated every minute he had to spend with Blake - he said this with a sneer of contempt in Aftermath
Avon thought his life was infinitely better and more successful without Blake - Avon states this in Terminal
Avon thought Blake was a brainless moron and only stupid people would follow him - he said this so many times I lost count
Avon - thought Blake was a duplicitious, lying, two-faced bully who never cared about any of them unless it served Blake's cause - also expressed many times by Avon

Avon - thought Blake was clueless and didn't have any idea what he was doing
Avon - thought Blake was an irresponsible joke as a leader who couldn't even tie his own shoelaces unless Avon provided instructions
Avon - thought Blake was a failure who relied on luck rather than brains and who he had to bail out repeatedly because the man was a moron - all of this was also said repeatedly by Avon

Conclusion: Avon not only really hated Blake, he couldn't wait to rid himself of Blake. The two happiest days of his life were when he rid himself of Blake at Star One and finally when he killed him at the end.

I love the way Avon steps over Blake's body, placing Blake firmly under him as a last statement of their true relationship. Avon's lasting final image was his dominance over the man he hated. It wasn't to protect Blake's body.

That's a silly idea. How exactly was he to protect him when he was about to die? Avon knew that. It wasn't about a pointless gesture of protection. Avon doesn't do those. That would be completely against his character.

But what it is that is in character is dominance over Blake. In the final battle between the two men, Avon has the final win, albeit an ironic one since it is the last thing he will ever do.

When you step over someone like that, putting him under your feet, like making someone 'crawl between your legs', that has always been a symbol of humiliation for the one crawling and domination for the one standing. Avon didn't stand beside Blake to protect him, he stood over him, and smiled. His final triumph over Blake, but only at the end of his life. The ultimate irony. Just like the ironic smile he has when he thought Servalan exploded with the Liberator and he won, but at a great cost.


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