Mar. 25th, 2009

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Snagged from [ profile] debris4spike

If only...

You Are a Playwright
You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.
You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.
In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.
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Category: Humour, Drama and Angst (and some singing)
Rating: Gen
10th Story of Perceptions
Sequel to Mysteries and Discoveries

Introduction: The intruder. The women have a time alone.

Author's note: There has been a major readjustment of scenes and paragraphs in Chapter Two due to some material that is being inserted. I have split Chapter Two and inserted a large section of the new interaction here. The boys breakfast conflict has been moved to a later chapter. As always, new material marked in blue.

Thanks to [ profile] vilakins and [ profile] reapermum for your suggestions to flesh out and develop the interaction of the women and for the rearrangement of the scenes.

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