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Well, at present there are no active tropical cyclones forming in the South China Sea or the NW Pacific Basin. So it will be clear, at least for a couple of days.

But we just had a 4.7 earthquake about 2 1/2 hours ago. The epicentre was about 60km SE of Taipei.

I was in a team meeting on the 12th floor at work. The whole building seemed to jump, then it swayed for a few seconds. Then we had a few more sways as the aftershocks came. Haven't had one that close in awhile.

The only reaction was "Oh look an earthquake" everyone laughed...then we all continued with the meeting.

I took a look at a historical earthquake site afterwards. They had a map with dots representing epicentres of earthquakes since 1990. Looking at the map for Taiwan, the entire island is covered in dots. I guess that explains why people are so blase about it here. I'm getting that way too.


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