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Avon, despite his protests of selfishishness, constantly helped people, whether they be friends, Anna, strangers or enemies. And generally at no benefit to himself, in fact the opposite. There is lots of evidence of this in the series. That is why Avon is the only one who is credited with saving entire civilizations or entire groups, not Blake.

On the other hand, Blake rarely helped people and when he did, it was usually for self-serving reasons. On the rare occasion, Blake may have helped someone, but usually it was a half-assed attempt because he didn't really care that much or because he had nothing better to do at the time. Blake never gave up a mission or delayed it just to help someone.

At the end of the day, when Blake genuinely cares about something, he lets no one and nothing stop him, he listens to no one, he lies, manipulates, threatens and bullies until he gets exactly what he wants and never ever gives up. So when any weak excuse stops him from carrying out something, it's because Blake barely cared, he was just going through the motions because it was expected of him.

There are 4 reasons why Blake helps people or appears to:
1) He has a use for them
2) They're people like him (vicious or violent fighters) so it serves his goals
3) He has more to gain from not killing them
4) He has a personal agenda that benefits himself

1) He has a use for them

Not only does Blake only help those he has a use for, if he doesn't have a use for them he dumps them like so much garbage. He despises them and couldn't care less even though he knows they're in real danger if he doesn't help them.

- Right at the very beginning in Cygus Alpha. Blake left those prisoners to die because they refused to fight with him. He called them pathetic. Some claim he only did that to motivate them. Well...that only works as an excuse if, after he realizes it's not going to work, he tries to convince them another way or apologize. And it definitely does not work as an excuse if he just leaves them to die afterwards. If he really did care about them and was there to rescue them from misery and oppression and didn't think them pathetic, he would have gone back for them. And some people actually assume he did because it's unthinkable that Blake didn't. Well guess what people...Blake did the unthinkable. We know for a FACT that Blake left the prisoners to die. Evidence? Take a study of the teleport tray before and after Cygnus Alpha. In Spacefall, we get a clear view of the entire tray. We know how many bracelets there are. After Cygnus Alpha, it is very clear that quite a few are missing and are not accounted for. This is clear evidence that Blake left those people to suffer and die. He didn't even bother going back to tell them the poison was fake so that they would no longer have to be under Vargas's people. Nor did he go back to rescue them from Vargas's people or the Federation ships coming.

I believe in the evidence of my eyes and they tell me Blake used people and threw them away like garbage if he had no use for them. Exactly the words he spouted at them in the cell. Weapons were far more important to him than human lives.

And for those who actually think the prisoners chose to stay, better look at the dialogue again. The prisoners wanted off CA. The only reason they didn't want to go with Blake was because they thought they'd die because of the poison if they left the planet, and they didn't trust Blake about the Liberator being able to produce an antidote. That is very clear. The prisoners didn't chose to stay because they wanted to.

And sorry, but that is not the only case of Blake only helping people who are useful and throwing away those who won't. Just look at Shadow. Blake left Bek in the heart of Terra Nostra territory, with the dead TN leader at his feet, even though the man begged to go with them because they were in danger and it was clear that his girlfriend was in very bad shape. Blake only came back later because he needed Bek's help with Vila. Blake's words and actions are very clear. He had no intentions of helping people who were dying and in danger, and who had helped them. Why? Because he didn't care if they were of no use to him. It's Blake who has contempt for them not Avon. Then later when Bek's girlfriend died and Blake shows compassion...hmm do people remember he left them both to die earlier because he thought they were useless to him? What's this about Blake's so-called compassion? Hey look...Blake is trying to bully Bek into fighting the Federation, and threatening that he's going to come back in 3 years to check on him. Wow. Blake has a use for Bek. Could that be the real and only reason why he's all of a sudden showing compassion for his girlfriend's death? I mean...Blake couldn't care less before that she was dying. It's really hard to believe that he would give a rats ass that she died. He couldn't wait to use the opportunity to push Bek to join his cause. How despicable is that? Using the man's sorrow like that. And we all know how good Blake is at faking sincerity.

2) They're people like him (vicious or violent fighters)

Into this category falls the Decimas and Avalon's people.

3) Or he has more to gain from not killing them

These are enemies like Travis and Servalan.

In Duel, when Blake declines to kill Travis. People assume it's because he's a good man who won't kill in cold blood. Hmm do people forget this is the man who snaps people's necks (Avalon)? That's a pretty cold-blooded move. It's not a kind of self-defence move you use if your life or someone else's life is in danger. Do people forget that he kills his enemies even though they're lying unconscious and helpless (Redemption).

This man would show a conscience all of a sudden and not kill Travis face-to-face when he's done it before to others?

But Blake tells us exactly why he doesn't kill Travis. #1 Blake says he understood the nature of Sinofar's test - doesn't sound moral to me #2 He states he'd rather have an enemy he knows rather than one he doesn't - also doesn't sound moral or good of Blake, in found it makes him sound arrogant. So Blake gives us two reasons for not killing Travis, neither of which paint him as a good man. But note also, the test he supposedly understands...which is to show some morality, well guess what, with his first two reasons, he hasn't shown any morality yet. Then Blake makes a big production of the 3rd one. He would enjoy killing Travis so he didn't. Now people assume he's saying he knows it would be wrong so he doesn't do it. He never once says that. But from #1 we know that Blake understands that if he kills Travis then there is no hope in hell he is going to pass the test. So...did Blake leave Travis alone because of moral reasons or because he was a good man? Not one. Blake only wanted to win. Just like he said in Shadow, the only thing important to Blake is winning and he doesn't care how he does it, what level of immorality he practiced.

In Killer, Blake wants to leave a plague marker and he claims that they have to. And everyone assumes its because he has a conscience. Really? Do people forget that he was more than willing to commit mass murder in PP just to fulfill his crusade? And that mass murder was never a problem for Blake as long as he hurt the Federation enough? All of a sudden he shows a conscience in Killer then goes right back to planning mass murder? Does that reasoning make sense? Sorry it doesn't. I don't believe for one minute Blake did it for moral reasons or because he cared. It's completely inconsistent with what he's done throughout the series. So why was Blake reluctant? Could it be because Servalan might have been killed? And what did Blake say in Duel about Travis? He'd rather have an enemy he knows than one he doesn't? I think that was the only reason Blake didn't want to use the plague, not because he had any sense of conscience. The man didn't have any. 

4) He has an agenda that benefits himself.

In Shadow, Blake saved Bek and Hanna's lives by bringing them on the ship, and afterwards when Hanna dies, Blake shows compassion to Bek in his manner.

Blake sounds like a wonderfully compassion man, until you look at the real details. If you do that, you can only conclude that Blake was a self-serving prick whose so-called compassion was just an act to further his own agenda.

Why do I say this? Blake never saved Bek and Hanna because he cared about them. There was no great act of compassion. The man was completely self-serving. Look at the facts. Blake left Bek and Hanna to die, knowing that they were caught in the middle of Terra Nostra territory, with the dead TN leader at their feet and with the really sick Hanna who looked ready to die. Blake has such a bleeding heart for the suffering that he couldn't care less about them. That's the real Blake. A heartless bastard who didn't care about anyone. Then why did Bek and Hanna end up on the ship? Because Blake came back for them when he needed their help with Vila. Completely self-serving. He needed Vila. Vila was in trouble so he went and got the tools to help Vila with.

Then later when Hanna dies, Blake shows compassion to Bek. Hmm, after showing he couldn't care less before, and that these people were nothing more than tools he needed, all of a sudden he shows caring? A bit hypocritical isn't it? I don't believe at all he was being compassionate because he cared, because Blake immediately tried to use the poor man's grief in order to push him to fight against the Federation and he tries to coerce him by threatening that he'll come back in three years to check on Bek's progress. How despicable to use a man's grief like that, and to use that kind of pressure during his time of sorrow. Why did Blake show "compassion"? It wasn't because he cared, it was because he thought he could get something out of showing he cared, he thought he could force Bek into become a rebel.

There are many instances of Blake's self-serving attitude. Blake never had a bleeding heart. He made a good act of having one, but he never really did.

Right from the beginning in Spacefall, there are so many instances of self-serving behavior that you begin to question if Blake's actions in the computer room was really because he had a conscience and compassion. It seems so completely inconsistent with anything else he did in that episode.

Selfish acts? Pull up a chair, it will take a while.

First Blake, on no evidence at all, endangers Avon's life by claiming he knows this stranger whom he's just met seconds ago, and who just tried to help him by giving him information he requested, was already thinking of killing them all by helping the crew dump them. Vila had no suspicions about Avon at all until it was stressed again, then Vila proposes murdering Avon. Jenna didn't think Avon thought of the idea until Blake suggested it. And note something very interesting, once Vila proposed murdering Avon, Blake changes the subject. What does that tell me? Blake didn't think Avon was thinking of killing them or that he would do it, but Blake had gotten what he planned from the beginning, turned everyone against Avon and made sure everyone would follow Blake instead. It was a self-serving ploy to neutralize Avon as a rival leader and he didn't care that it would endanger Avon's life. And anyone who claims that Vila wouldn't spread the rumours, must have a better understanding of gossips than I do. Vila was a proven gossip who would spread any kind of rumour and suggest that people would be murdered just on suspicion. How are we to expect that all of a sudden he'd stop doing that? That's completely nonsensical. And Blake didn't try to stop Vila or minimize Avon's risk. Why, because that he achieved exactly what he wanted. And rumours and hints and gossip is all it takes for a ship full of criminals and murderers to try to kill Avon or make his life hell. Before Blake's dirty deed, Avon was fairly social. He did not isolate himself from others. After Blake's baseless accusations? Avon is hiding himself away from the others, trying to stay out of everyone's way. And notice Avon's attitude towards Vila, the venom with which he treats Vila now, in saying "and HIM". Avon only did that one other time, when he was full of hatred for Blake in Star One because of what Blake had been doing to him. That tells me that Vila's rumours had been causing hell for Avon the past four months so Avon is now livid with anger towards Vila. Avon never shows that kind of attitude unless he's provoked. And that was Blake's fault. Blake destroyed any chance that Avon would have a positive relationship with Vila.

Second, when the ship is hit by waves that rock the ship, Blake shows naturally selfish tendencies, which is completely opposite to Avon's naturally self-sacrificing tendencies. When Blake hears the waves approaching, he is facing the exit to the prisoner recreation area. It is very clear from the confused looks on the prisoner's faces, and the blank one on Jenna's, that they have no lidea what is going on. What does Blake do? He obviously knows that this is not a good sound and he might get hurt because he immediately rushes to save himself by going to a the jump seat sits down in order to secure his own safety. Not once did he give any indication to the others that they might find a seat or grab onto something beause they might be hurt. Blake couldn't care less. His only concern was for himself. Jenna, seeing Blake turn his back on her and save himself, now goes to find a seat. The poor prisoners who look confused and didnt see Blake saving himself, were tossed around and fell. Avon wasn't facing the prisoners and he was already sitting, and he looked confused too when he heard the sound so he and Jenna didn't realize what the sound meant. Blake definitely did.

Third, Blake took the sole gun with him and sent the unarmed prisoners to wander around the ship that is now full of crew who are now suspicious and armed. He couldn't care less about their safety, only his own. And any claims that Blake took the gun because the crew wouldn't hurt the prisoners because they weren't armed ignores that fact that Blake could very well have left the gun behind if he really believed that. But no, he took it with him to protect himself. And any claim that Blake didn't think the crew would hurt the prisoners because he was shocked Raiker shot the one in the Rec room after they were all recaptured doesn't hold water. Killing prisoners because they were rebelling in the corridors is completely different then having them stand helplessly and executing them. And what did Blake think the crew would do to the prisoners when they ran across them? Invite them for tea? Let them take over the ship? Even if they didn't shoot to kill, they would definitely hurt them if they resisted. But Blake didn't care about the, only about himself.

Fourth is Blake risking Avon's life. When it became very clear that anyone in the tunnels caught in a compression wave would die because of the foam, Blake couldn't care less. His own words showed what a self-serving bastard he was. He refused to lose this opportunity to take over the ship, he didn't care if Avon might die, nor did he give Avon a choice. In fact he yelled at Vila when Vila suggested they wait until it was safer. Oh yeah, Blake was such a bleeding heart he wouldn't put his own needs above others. What crap.

Fifth is the death of Nova. When Avon was delayed, Blake made a half-hearted suggestion that he go to check on Avon. Vila points out he's needed to lead the prisoners, and Nova volunteers instead. There wasn't a whole lot of persuasion going on. But Blake immediately lets Nova go in his place. When have we ever seen Blake deterred from what he wanted to do? The only time was when everyone was against him and refused to do what he said. In which case he usually resorted to underhanded methods to get what he wanted. So the idea that all of a sudden a few weak objections (remember him yelling at Vila because he refused to give up the opportunity earlier?) would stop Blake is ludicrous. Blake had no intention of risking his own neck to see if Avon was all right. He let Nova do it and Nova got killed. And we know for a fact that Blake did not refuse because he was pursuaded by Vila's agreement that they needed a leader because Blake didn't lead the prisoners did he? The moment they exited the prisoner area, Blake immediately took the safer route to go find Avon. What a bastard. A selfless, compassion bleeding heart who naturally cares about people, don't make me laugh.

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